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Help mother earth and reward yourself

People are becoming more environmentally conscious these days with recycling playing an important part; but is there a way to make money recycling?

How to make money recycling instead of throwing empty cans, glass bottles and plastic drink bottles in the bin for weekly collection with these tips.

  • Order our recycling bags. Each bag can hold 100-150 cans and bottles. The more bags you order the more you can collect. Make an area in the house away from rain that will be used to store the bags.
  • Start collecting and look for the ‘10c label on all drink containers.


  • When you are enjoying the many parks and gardens we have in Adelaide and across South Australia, take a rubbish bag with you. Picking up empty cans and bottles means you are not only helping the environment and stopping pollution of our rivers, you will be making money as well.
  • Get the children involved; it can be a great way of keeping them active as they earn some extra pocket money.
  • Extra money to pay for fuel and bills.
  • 500 cans can get you around $30 a month x 12 months give you $360 a year.

You collect and
we pay

Do something good for Australia. Do something good for yourself.

Help mother earth and
reward yourself

We all want to recycle and help mother earth. But time and cost stops us.

Turn your bottles and
cans into cash

Thousands of SA/NT customers are turning their rubbish into cash.

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